Our Process

We take great pride in every handcrafted piece of work we create.

Evergreen Glass transforms glass into a cleaner, greener replacement for tile, wallpaper and other surface materials.  Our glass can be placed nearly anywhere – a coutertop, as a backsplash, in a shower or across an entire wall.  These gleaming expanses of glass instantly bring life to a room like a striking piece of art.

Unlike tile and grout, our glass does not require the harsh, chemical-laden products to install and clean it.  Simple soap and water are all that’s needed to clean our glass surfaces, and leave no streaks or water spots.

Evergreen Glass uses the Diamon Fusion technique which renders glass scratch resistent and harder than granite.

We have a unique, patented process for creating our pieces that ensures there will be no color fading or delamination, and this is not something that any other company can or will guarantee.  We work with you through the design process and are on-site for the installation process.  There is a continutiy of experience that you just won’t find with other, larger glass companies.